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A-Trak, Craze & Tony Vegas Interview for URB

August 24, 2009

We gotta celebrate DMC’s 25th anniversary with this video of A-Trak rippppping apart a set!

Also read the article from URB reflecting on the 3 best DMC champions! ENJOY!

Long before there was DJ Hero, Serato or HypeMachine, the DMC World Championship defined what it meant to be the greatest DJ on earth. What began as a mixing contest in the mid-’80s had evolved into a jaw-dropping display of musicianship, dexterity and concentration as jocks manipulated records, turntables and mixers with the precision of a surgeon and the timing of a star athlete.

Propelled by pioneers DJ Qbert and Mix Master Mike, the art of “turntablism” reached its apex by the end of the decade with two names dominating the competition (and accompanying DVD sales.) DJ A-Trak won in 1997 at the age of 15 (the youngest champion in history). The next three years were dominated by DJ Craze, the Miami master whose 1998 routine is repeatedly referred to as the “best six minutes of all time.”

Over in the UK, Tony Vegas and his crew, The Scratch Perverts, dominated the team competitions, with members winning both group and individual world titles.
A decade later, all of these jocks continue to push the sound of electronic music, DJing around the world while releasing mixes (notably—all three have issued CDs for Fabric this year).
URB attempted the impossible, getting this group of in-demand turntablist on the phone at the same time. Here’s what we learned:

[Conversation starts with just Tony Vegas on the line]


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